Donate today and help Rezina animals in need!

What we do
Find out what we do to help homeless animals in need.

How can I help?
Find out how you can help us shelter stray dogs, cats and wild animals in need.

Find out what it takes to adopt a pet from Animal Home.

We rely on donations

Every day on a way to work, study, meet our friends we see the sad eyes of those who need help, need our support, protection and care.

Homeless, abandoned, crippled…. there are so many of them!

We rely on donations to help us fulfill our mission to continue lifesaving work. You can help stop animal cruelty. We cannot save everyone, but we can help many!

What our shelter does

  • Regulation of the number of stray animals (catch, sterilization, release).
  • Keeping disabled homeless animals in a shelter that require constant care.
  • Search for new owners for pets of our center.
  • Informational work on issues of education of humanity in people.
  • Consultations on choosing, raising and raising a puppy.

Find Your Companion on Pet Shelter

Before buying a dog or a cat, come visit us!

There are friends for everyone in the shelter – big, small, guards, companions, lazy and active.

Do not buy – adopt. Save life and gain a friend for life!

Rezina town is overflowing with stray dogs

Animal Life works on saving stray dogs in Rezina’s town surroundings, dogs that need urgent care. Unfortunately many dogs are left for a life on the streets. 

They manage on their own through all seasons, but unfortunately not all of them survives the harsh winters, with a lack of care, food and shelter.

We are driven by life forces who have dedicated their lives to the animals, to help as many as they can, to give them the necessary care, food and shelter as well as help them to a life away from the streets.

You are not ready to adopt an animal from the shelter and make it part of your family?

You are still able to help! Make a donation, that fits your budget, to the shelter, where the animals will be fed, warmed and treated.

There is a happy life that awaits them!


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